Welcome to Butch's Firehouse Website!

Welcome to Butch's Firehouse Website

Welcome to Butch's Firehouse.  Some of my earliest and best food memories started right here in this firehouse at 27th and Federal St in Camden, NJ.  My father, Alfred (Butch) Checetto was a fireman stationed at this location (as well as several others) for many years. In between fire calls, there were only a few things they could do and most revolved around eating interrupted only by the breakout of a card game. 

Most of what I know about food and cooking was learned through my Dad.  There are a couple of basic rules around Firehouse cooking that he passed along to me.

1) Whatever you are making needs to be able to be stopped at any point and resumed later.
2) The recipe needs to be able to be left for an extended period of time unattended (lends to slow cookers and long roasting times).
3) If it can't be left alone or stopped in the middle of the process, then it needs to be prepared very quickly.

My goal through this website and subsequent blogs is to promote the recipes, traditions, and heritage of our home town heroes.  The intention is to collect the recipes and stories from not only the Camden Fire Department but others throughout the area and country in an attempt to reconnect the families and friends from this era of the 1960's though today.

If you have any comments, ideas for content, or just something to share, please contact me at tchecetto@butchsfirehouse.com

Please be patient as this is a work in progress and was only started a short while ago.  Part of the purpose of this site is in remembrance of our Dad who we lost on January 28, 1993.  This site was originally published on the 20th anniversary of his passing. 

I hope to be able to continuously add content over the next several weeks and months.
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